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Taiwan delegation led by Hung Hsiu-chu to visit Beijing

Hung Hsiu-chu attends a press conference in Taipei, March 26, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]
<[MG_SEO]p>BEIJING -- Hung Hsiu-chu, former chairperson of the Chinese Kuomintang party, will lead a delegation of personages from various circles in Taiwan to visit Beijing from May 12 to 15, a Chinese mainland spokesperson said Thursday.

People from both sides of the Taiwan Straits will conduct consultations on issues of common concern such as cross-Straits relations and the future of the Chinese nation, said Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson with the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office.

"The mainland will work with people of insight from all walks of life on the island to advance cross-Straits relations in the right direction, create a better future for cross-Straits relations, and share the glory of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," Ma said.| wristbands54ed7dfc30/page_1.html